About Jonathan
Jonathan was born in 1980 in the small farming community of Harrow, in Southwestern Ontario. County life moved pretty slow, and plenty of time was found for the study of the creative arts and the development of these skills. Having parents both with musical backgrounds lent to a homelife that revolved around self-expression through music. His mother, and accomplished vocalist, produced an album with her own group while Jonathan was still small, and he spent countless hours observing how a group of musicians could come together to create music.

At the early age of 4, Jonathan began his own formal journey into the world of music. He was formally trained in classical piano, and first picked up a guitar when he was 15.

In early 2008 he found himself ready to share his original material with others. He has found it incredibly rewarding to know that other people are enjoying his music as much as hes enjoyed creating it. This is a journey that will never end for him, and as he grows as a person, he looks forward to how his music will develop.